Tuesday, October 28, 2008


+it was a different situation when he entered to my life+

"I think we were mean't but not it's was just an illusion"

how can i love someone if i'm not ready???

maybe tomorrow or later ...

I think my heart was melting that time and I don't know how I feel??

I ask myself??why I'm like a candle melting ??

+when i see a person that makes my heart beat for the first time...!+

+I wish I was with him+

+It's because I can't do anything but think of the moment I saw his face +

+when he smiled at me+

+my heart and mind tells me to love him+


+because i'm in love with a person who loves the way i do ...+

+i'm so crazy??+ Why??

+thinking of you is all I wanna do+

+I just thought i love you+

but turn into puzzles+

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